Biotech Desinfectante de Superficie.

Biotech Surface Disinfectant

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Disinfectant spray for all types of surfaces, eliminates bacteria and provides long-lasting protection. To protect your home and your loved ones.

Products based on probiotics prevent the microbial resistance of
chemical biocides in general, that is why it is considered that they will be very important in
cleaning of health centers and hospitals.

The use of bacteria instead of enzymes alone is key, and helps distinguish these cleaning products. Enzymes, although effective in the beginning, only provide a benefit in their initial application. They can also cause allergic reactions by inhalation, and are not always compatible for the type of cleaning we need.
bacteria however provide a very clear advantage, continuously producing specific enzymes to break down dirt. The energy created through this process allows bacteria to continue to grow and reproduce in the area of ​​application, and this ensures that these probiotic cleaners continue to remove the substrate long after application.
This is why probiotic cleaners are credited with LONG-TERM CLEANING.

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