As human beings, we are complex creatures with the incredible ability to think, remember, and plan. Our mind is a powerful tool that allows us to perceive the world through our five senses, formulate thoughts, develop an identity, and experience a range of emotions. However, the way we use our mind and the manner in which we think can greatly influence how we perceive time and the world around us. 

Reflecting on the Past 

The act of reflecting on the past is known as remembering. Memories, both good and bad, can greatly shape our perspectives and influence our actions. However, basing your actions solely on your memories can often lead to significant errors. This is because reality exists in the present moment, and the past, encapsulated in our memories, has no relevance to it. Essentially, while memories can provide valuable lessons, they can also distort our perception of the present if we give them too much weight. 

Engaging in the Present 

When working towards a goal, it's crucial to actively engage in the present moment. This involves thoughtful consideration and the application of current information to guide your actions. You can either recall relevant memories that relate to your objective or utilize the information available to you in the present. However, it's important to note that progress requires active thinking, not compulsive thoughts. This means being fully present and consciously making decisions based on the current circumstances, rather than being driven by past experiences or future anxieties. 

Planning for the Future 

Planning for the future is a process in which we project our past memories and current information into our future plans. While planning is an essential part of achieving our goals, it's important to remember that what we plan has little to do with reality because the future is yet to be written. In fact, the more we plan, the less likely we are to be flexible and

adaptable to the changes that inevitably occur. This isn't to say that planning is futile, but rather, it should serve as a guide rather than a rigid roadmap. 


Our mind, with its ability to remember, think, and plan, is a powerful tool. However, the key to effective thinking lies in our ability to stay present. While it's important to learn from our past and plan for our future, it's equally vital to live in the moment. After all, the present is the only time in which we can truly engage with reality and take action. So, let's embrace the present, and use our thoughts as tools to enhance our lives, rather than allowing them to control us.

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