A few decades ago, fashion industries began to flourish and different styles emerged that left no one indifferent. The work of hairdressers has also been consolidated in recent decades since the state of our hair also speaks about us when we take a quick look at our appearance. In just a few years, the state of our hands, feet and nails has been another concern to consider.

The hands are the instrument of instruments” according to Aristotle. And they are part of our letter of introduction; Always involved in a large number of exposures to others, they carry out a multitude of actions and functions that harm their health. Coming into contact with chemicals, detergents and any other product that we may have in our home to care for our home can alter its appearance. Climate changes, environmental characteristics such as dryness or wind and long periods of exposure to the sun also harm the health of our skin and nails. All of this instigates premature aging of our hands.

In the case of our feet, they are part of our means of movement and the base of our body that we continually use, force and wear out. The continuous movement that we must endure every day, the little attention we give it and the lack of adequate precautions and care such as wearing inappropriate footwear do not help mitigate the problems on our tired feet.

It is true that, in the coldest months of the year, we appreciate the use of very hot, almost burning water. However, to care for your hands in winter, you should avoid high-temperature water and, instead, opt for warmer water. Remember that water that is too hot favors skin dehydration. After washing your hands with warm water, don't forget to dry them well.

Skin care in winter inevitably involves the use of moisturizing creams. Bet on hand and nail repair formulas that provide protection against environmental inclemencies. If possible, opt for a 100% organic cream formulated only with vegetable oils and plant extracts. If you need ultra hydration for your hands, check out this organic moisturizing and repairing hand and nail cream that you will find in our online store.

So that our delicate skin does not suffer and deteriorate, we recommend avoiding soaps with chemical and abrasive ingredients. Instead, you can opt for a 100% biodegradable, sulfate-free, skin-friendly organic solid soap. For example, consider this solid rosemary and mint soap with purifying and detoxifying properties or this other aloe vera soap, suitable for all skin types. If you want an even more neutral soap, opt for traditional Marseille soap.

Another type of hand and nail care in winter has to do with exfoliation. Exfoliating your hands removes dead cells and promotes blood circulation, which translates into softer, younger-looking skin. This solid orange and poppy soap leaves a very pleasant aroma on the skin while eliminating dead cells. Another interesting option that is also suitable for the entire body and face is this olive facial and body scrub that can also be used on the hands. It is 100% organic and formulated with olive oil, cane sugar and coffee beans.

One last tip to prevent your hands from drying out is to wear gloves in winter. It is a good idea to also carry them when handling detergents and chemical cleaners. You can use natural latex gloves with cotton lining to protect your hands with materials that are as respectful as possible for your skin and the environment. An alternative, of course, would be to switch to ecological cleaning products, respectful of the skin of your hands and the environment.

The feet are responsible for supporting the weight of our body day after day, which is why taking care of them as they deserve is essential. Aesthetic care of hands and feet should be carried out throughout the year, although the latter need extra protection in summer, as they are more exposed by the sandals or flip-flops that we usually wear. Here are some recommendations

Hygiene is essential in the care of hands and feet, although in the latter it seems that we sometimes forget. Wash your feet daily and from time to time pamper them a little more and give them a relaxing bath to reduce swelling. Add coarse salt and keep them submerged for at least 20 minutes. To remove dead cells, calluses and calluses, there is nothing better than tools like a natural pumice stone, whose exfoliating properties will contribute to much softer skin. You can also try this beech wood file, which is presented as a biodegradable and sustainable alternative to conventional plastic ones. Then, dry them well, working between your fingers to prevent the proliferation of fungi.

In order to prevent ingrown nails, it is essential that you always cut them straight with special scissors, such as these curved nail scissors made of nickel-plated carbon steel.

One last tip for foot care is hydration. It is advisable to have super moisturizing creams specific for this part of the body. Especially in summer, you may have noticed that your feet crack more easily and appear rougher than usual. You can avoid this by massaging your feet every night before going to sleep with a specific cream for this part of the body such as our cream for cracked heels.

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