Valencia has been chosen as the best city in the world in quality of life according to a study carried out by expats InterNations and the company In the study, they asked various questions to the interviewees, most of whom were migrants, regarding the characteristics of habitability in the Mediterranean city.

This study has awarded Valencia as the winner of the survey, and with that it is in first position among 66 participating cities with questions about urban life, leisure, health, climate and the environment. However, in the security category, the city came in 21st place and 34th at the policy level.

In addition to Valencia, the city of Alicante tops the list, taking second place as the best city to live in. It is in 19th place in the quality of urban life category, and in seventh place in leisure and climate, 46th in transportation, and 39th in terms of security and politics, and it has been sixth in health and environment. So our neighbors also have a good offer to live and enjoy life.


Along with the two cities that were awarded the first two places for best place to live, among the 66 cities interviewed there are another 3 on the Iberian Peninsula, which are in the top 10 (Lisbon is the third, Malaga was in sixth position , and Madrid, ninth). Completing the rest with Panama in fourth place, Singapore in fifth, Buenos Aires in seventh place, Kuala Lumpur, which is located in Malaysia, in eighth, and Abu Dhabi in Tenth. The other Spanish city that appears is Barcelona, ​​which took 25th place.

The study participants celebrated the qualities of the capital of the Valencian Community for providing a good climate most of the year, as well as many opportunities for leisure, culture and facilities to receive medical care.

On the other hand, the 10 worst participating cities to live in They are Hong Kong, Dublin (Ireland), Santiago (Chile), Johannesburg (South Africa), Paris (France), Nairobi (Kenya), Milan (Italy), Seoul (South Korea), Rome (Italy) and Salmiya (Kuwait) in the last place.

InterNations highlights that, after the questions asked, respondents appreciate "how affordable and accessible health is" and the variety of leisure options and good weather that the city has, being able to take advantage of the good weather and good food. More than half of those surveyed agree that it is "easy to find new friends and 84% find it easy to adapt to the local culture."

While Alicante is considered a paradise for the elderly (retirees). According to the survey conducted, it was identified that almost 40% of the city's 'expats' are already in this situation, and more than 80% of the people interviewed feel at home in the city.

Other points in its favor are the few obstacles to getting houses and apartments, the easy adaptation and how economical it is to live in the city. What is striking is that 82% of those surveyed rated positively the affordability of finding accommodation in Valencia. This is something really important for those who leave their country looking to live happily somewhere else.

For people who are looking for a new home, a new life with a more comfortable climate and with a level of quality of life considered the best in the world, there is a deserved and fair winner. We are talking about Valencia, a Mediterranean city that is located in the east of the peninsula and on the banks of the Turia River.

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